The Lucky Cakery    

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• Bailey's Irish Cream
• Banana (contains pureed Bananas)
• Carrot (no nuts or raisins unless requested)
• Deluxe Carrot (contains pineapple, raisins and nuts)
• Cinnamon Streusel
• Coconut (contains fresh shredded coconut)
• Dark Chocolate Espresso (contains Starbucks)
• Fudge
• Devil's Food
• Spicy Mexican Chocolate (contains spices and ancho/pasilla chiles)
• Espresso (contains Starbucks)
• French Vanilla
• French Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkle
• Graham Cracker
• Italian Cream (contains pecans and coconut)
• Key Lime
• Lemon
• Lemon Poppy Seed
• Marble/Tuxedo
• Oreo
• Pineapple
• Pink Champagne
• Pistachio
• Pumpkin Spice
• Red Velvet
• Spice
• Strawberry Cream (contains pureed Strawberries)
• Wedding (Buttermilk Cake with Princess Flavoring - a rich vanilla with light undertones of citrus and nuts)
• White Chocolate
• White Almond Sour Cream

FILLINGS: (* Some are not suited for Hot Outdoor Weather events, mainly Mousses)
• Apple
• Bailey's Chocolate Cream
• Bavarian
• Blueberry
• Caramel
• Cheesecake Mousse*
• Cherry
• Chocolate Bavarian
• Chocolate Mascarpone*
• Chocolate Mousse*
• Chocolate Kahlua
• Espresso
• Ganache*
• Lemon
• Lemon Mousse*
• Mascarpone*
• Marshmallow*
• Oreo Mousse*
• Peach
• Pineapple
• Pistachio Mousse*
• Pumpkin Mousse*
• Raspberry
• Stabilized Vanilla Whipped Cream*
• Strawberry
• White Chocolate Mousse*

Buttercreams: (Very Soft Icing is best suited for Cupcakes Only is indicated by a “ * ” )
• Blackberry (seasonal) *
• Caramel
• Cherry Chocolate*
• Cheesecake
• Dark Chocolate Espresso
• Cinnamon
• Mocha Cinnamon
• Espresso
• French Vanilla
• Lemon
• Maple
• Spicy Mexican Chocolate (spices and contains ancho/pasilla chiles)
• Orange
• Peanut Butter
• Peppermint
• Raspberry*
• Rich Chocolate
• Stabilized Whipped Cream* Not suited for outdoor events in Hot Weather or a lengthy display time.
• Strawberry*
• Vanilla Bean

Cream Cheese Icings: (Not suited for Outdoor Hot Weather Events or a lengthy display time)
• Blackberry (seasonal)
• Chocolate
• Cinnamon Chocolate
• Coconut
• Lemon
• Original
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Vanilla Bean
• White Chocolate

Please Note, Some combinations are not suited for displaying outdoors in hot weather.
• Apple Spice Caramel Cheesecake
  (Spice Cake with Apple Filling and Cheesecake Buttercream Icing with Caramel Drizzle)
• Aztec Chile-Chocolate
   (Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cake with Ganache Filling and Mocha Cinnamon Buttercream Icing)
• Black Forest Cheesecake
   (Dark Fudge Cake with Cherry Cheesecake Filling, Ganache with Vanilla Buttercream Icing)
• Chocolate Kahlua
   (Dark Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Espresso Filling and Kahlua Icing with Caramel Drizzle)
• Drunken Bourbon
   (JB Bourbon Brown Sugar Cake with Maple Buttercream and Maple Glazed Bourbon Bacon Garnish and Maple Drizzle)
• Lemon Blueberry
   (Lemon Cake with Blueberries and Blueberry Filling with Original Cream Cheese Icing)
• Peach Cobbler
   (Cinnamon Streusel Cake with Cinnamon Peach Filling and Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Icing)
• Piña Colada (Pineapple Cake with Pineapple Rum Filling and Coconut Cream Cheese Icing)
• Pineapple Upside Down Cake
   (Pineapple Streusel Cake with Cherry Filling and Pineapple Icing with Caramel Drizzle)
• Pistachio Strawberry/Blackberry
   (Pistachio Cake with Pistachio Mousse Filling and Strawberry or Light Blackberry Buttercream or Cream Cheese Icing)
• Pumpkin Pie á la Mode
   (Pumpkin Spice Cake with Pumpkin Mousse Filling and Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing with Caramel Drizzle)
• Raspberry Pink Champagne
   (Pink Champagne Cake with White Chocolate Mousse Filling and Raspberry Buttercream Icing)
• S´mores (Graham Cracker Cake with Marshmallow Filling, Ganache Dipped and Chocolate Frosting)
• Strawberry Lime Margarita
   (Lime Margarita Cake with Strawberry Tequila Filling and Strawberry Buttercream Icing)
• Tiramisu
   (Espresso Cake with Light Chocolate Mascarpone Filling and Espresso Buttercream Icing Dusted with Cocoa Powder)
• "The King"
    (Banana Cake with Banana Mousse and Peanut Butter Buttercream Icing with Grumbled Maple Glazed Bacon Garnish)


All Made with the Freshest Quality ingredients and decorated with Italian Fondant.

• Almond (most popular)
• Banana (cookie will be light yellow)
• Cheesecake
• Chocolate (cookie will be brown)
• Lemon (cookie will be light yellow)
• Strawberry (cookie will be light pink)
• Maple
• Orange (cookie will be light orange)
• Peanut Butter (cookie will be slightly brown)
• Princess (citrus with vanilla nutty undertones)
• Vanilla
• White Chocolate